lucky lady

one of the many perks of working with dwell on design is that there were very generous exhibitors. and best of all the gift givers were the folks that made some of my very very favorite things! i have to give them a shout out because these beautiful objects are living happy lives in my home and i am so grateful.
the first gift was from potted. they gifted me a gorgeous aqua glazed ceramic round hanging planter that features a lush cascading collection of succulents. potted is a store located near me in atwater village. this shop is a terri planty love. they feature a delicious array of pots, garden decor and planted treasures. their whole vibe is relaxed but bursting with color and inspiration. visit their site here and then stop by the shop as soon as you can!
the second treat was from gainey ceramics. their ceramics company has been around since 1949! all of their products are produced 100% at their factory in california and best of all they are a family run company that is still thriving in this crazy economy while putting out some of the most beautiful ceramics i have ever seen. gainey is known for their modern designs that feature clean simple forms that are sophisticated and made great quality materials.
the pot that i have is the perfect home for my fiddle fig that was not happy in its dark corner in a temporary terracotta pot that was too small for her roots. now she is by a window with space to fill and looking sexy (if a plant can be sexy, i think she is!)


the last treat (although it was the first gifted to me) was from tracey of kismet tiles. she gifted me two of her awesome tile designs that now function as various show pieces in my home, under a bowl for a graphic layering punch, as a coaster, leaning on the wall. they are intended for the ground, but i keep playing with them all over my home. they are so pretty!
tracey is a serious talent! i got to spend lots of time with her, which was a gift in and of itself. she is an amazing woman. a textile artist and beyond. i was especially inspired by hearing her speak about her reference and history and how they blend and enter her work.


oh and the last image... my cats. don't think that the chickens have replaced my love for my pointed ear furry children. my family is just getting bigger!
p.s. no one asked me to plug their products. its all me baby!
p.p.s. i am being stared down right now by chicks in the yard, they are like, ma! more shrimp please!


  1. all gorgeous gifts! you are a lucky lady but worked like a madwoman on that show. you deserve them! I've had that circle pot from Potted (orange) sitting empty for months now. I JUST picked up a few plants last weekend (from potted) to put inside.

    your fuzzy babies are such cuties. do they not chew on the fig tree? i've been dreaming of putting one of those in my house but my two crazy cats gnaw on ANYTHING GREEN, and the proceed to regurgitate it everywhere.

  2. the fiddle is sexy. and that pot it's in..!!!love