i'm going stag!

so there is this magical garden by me in rancho santa anita called the arboretum. if you are plant hungry like me, these gardens are a MUST SEE. i love all of the gardens - but the cacti / succulent area and the greenhouse are my all time faves. the other lovely thing about this wonderful place is that they host plant sales and shows. this last weekend was the fern and exotic plant sale and show. i have been waiting for this show for so many months now and i'll tell you why. see there is this very special plant near to my heart called a stag horn. i have wanted one for a LONG time, always admiring my folk's collection. but it wasn't till i started my 70s plants book collection in september where they showcase these lovelies in rad altar like arrangements that i was growing seriously impatient and decided i needed at least one. my mother insisted i wait till this sale and she was right. the selection was mind blowing. not to mention when i went to the geranium show at the arboretum i scored some of the most unusual and cool looking plants that are incredibly healthy and in full force.


the show was incredible. so many cool textures, colors, varieties, information, inspiration, mind blowing, life. oh yeah, and terrariums! the kind with the simple motivation of creating a perfect micro climate. pure science.


i scored!! i bought one and my father who is adorably generous with me snuck off to buy me the other that i loved. my cats of course had to inspect the stags. they approved. naturally, they have great taste!

i also bought some interesting succulent / cacti treasures for terrariums along with CARNIVOROUS PLANTS! more photos to come. we end it with an image of my sneakers waiting patiently by the doorway for a proper cleaning. shhhh... i had been gardening last weekend. don't tell anyone. :)


  1. Rad! We have an old skool 70's staghorn book, too! What did you score at the geranium fest? I'm going through a pelargonium phase right now.

  2. Oh heck yeah. I love those Stags. We do a bunch of old found wood and driftwood (after cleaning) that are a lot of fun. Love the pics. Matti

  3. ♥ my stags! One came with the house and I have added 3 more. They love southwest Florida. I feed them bananas and they love it.

  4. Those look like aliens! But i like the look :) I´m in the mood for more plants, too, but my space with enough daylight is limited (damn...)

  5. yay!!! I was just there on Sunday-- man was it rad!! Loved seeing your pictures from the fern show. I came home with a stag, too. I think I got mine from the same dude you got yours from-- side booth? The arboretum is off the chain!!

  6. So awesome, thanks for sharing! I wish I could live in Southern California too, the climate seems to be the perfect one for my love for succulents!