bringing the outdoors in

not only do i fill the inside of my home with green leafy plant material but i am also a lover of stumps, roots and all things organic wood forms. sometimes as an alternative to cut flowers i dress my dining room table with a long wood root from the mojave. i have been known to stop the car and load it up with branches, even waaay to heavy stumps from the side of the road. i use stumps in my garden, for my booth displays but also as side tables in my home. so naturally when i came upon these images from elle decor espaƱa i was thrilled. the use of wood is so sophisticated and clean. nature is on my top 3 list of favorite artists.


via bliss.


  1. I think the beauty of your simple branch is a great statement. How amazingly easy. Yet, who would have thought of it?

    Keep creating.

  2. You and I have the same taste I see. Man, I want to live there too. Great find. Love the use of wood natural indoors too. Matti

  3. Really wonderful images. I love that little loft bed, I want to snuggle up in there- would feel like a tree house with all the branches x

  4. i love that dining set! do you want to be my personal shopper? gah.

  5. yipee! i am not the only one who is nutty for pretty wood! :)

    @matti at far out flora - i just checked out your site. woweee! you garden is bad ass!

    @k thank you :) i really appreciate that

    @mother of purl - i have always wanted to live in a treehouse. my home now feels like it inside of a big pine, but i wish it really was built on a tree!

    @love your way (lizzie) better yet, we one day meet and shop together! :)