garden wedding

this last weekend we went to a garden wedding. erick was one of the best men. he looked super handsome. we rocked it and caught the bouquet and garter belt for the 3rd time in a row! i am a pro at catching flying plants!! that is essentially what a bouquet is to me!

we danced our butts off, laughed, high fived, played with adorable kids, met families, hashed about old times. it was all lovely. but the best part was that it took place in a garden. so while i was trying to be all friendly and make conversation, i couldn't help but notice how large the foxtail agaves were or that jade plants and sword ferns were growing so harmoniously side by side in the shade. i wondered when things were planted and why. delighted in the classic los angeles palm tree lined skies sprinkled with little lights. gardens are happy places. the wedding took place at the hidden chateau in woodland hills, cali. if you are feeling wedding ready, check them out here.


and here is my dancing fool of a partner in crime looking extra mad men-ish but with moves!


  1. what a beautiful wedding...very cool and down to earth vibed and all of that...congrats on catching the bouquet and garter again! you are awesome!

  2. Boah, that place is sooo beautiful, if i would marry it should definitely be in a place like that wonderful garden! And your man looks super cute when he´s dancing!

  3. What a beautiful chateau and garden. Oh weddings!