dwell on design 2011

i write you as i sit here in bed with a broken or sprained toe / foot. ugh, it has been a seriously crazy two weeks. just as i delivered my grandmother's big girl chickens to her home, my litte toe just had to bump hard into concrete. oh well. perhaps it was a sign that i needed to rest.
with that being said, wow. these last two weeks were crazy. i was the project manager for the dwell on design outdoor area. i had the great pleasure of working with so many talented and creative folks like shades of green, form la and many many more. all of the exhibitors were friendly and had such interesting work. i even came home with a few gifts, but that is for another post to come.
to set up it required a lot of running around, phone calls, on the spot decisions and positive energy. but in the end i am so proud to have been a part of this project. and best of all terri planty was also a guest exhibitor so it was fun to get to show off my terrariums to more of the world.


the shades of green station (featuring a wall and planter by ogassian, fountain by water on mars, grass from sod.com, plants from monrovia, air plants from rainforest flora)


i am still so in love with mod fire! also love all the colorful gainey ceramic pots, cool concrete chairs by greenform, pebble seats by eis studio and kismet tiles terri planty sitting pretty on the bar and in a garden scene.

more sweet designs... rad bench with planter by jory brigham gorgeous planted treasures (hanging and sitting) from potted, super giant olive tree from swg trees the form la display, swings by loll designs and one of my favorite displays of all - plywood office, which had the coolest idea. take a closer look at that table top, he used the whole in the wood to collect his newsletter emails! love it.

two cuties in the mid century la display (no plants but cute floral dresses - good enough for me!)

and last but so not least... my chickies! my grandparents lent us their chickens for the chicken tractor by 100xbetter and chicken coop by RAAD display. and the baby chickies are now mine! my little ones were happily showcased in a gorgeous custom fence by harwell fencing and gates. they make me so happy! i had no idea how funny chickens can be.
it was so nice to have chickens to play with amongst all the madness that is a tradeshow. the hens were noisy and enjoying all the love (folks would even take their photos with them!). the babies would ride home with me every night in the car singing little tweets.  i got so attached i am now hunting down for perfect chicken coop plans. i am thinking roof top garden!


  1. Oh no, what bad news! And good news in the same way! I am glad to hear that your exhibtion was such a positive experience for you, but now you must take your time to rest and get your toe healed! Why don't you take the time to show some more photos here, ;-)?

  2. Sooo many awesome shots! And all those beautiful indoor greens, must have been a lot of work and planning...and I love the kismet tiles and your big terrarium!

  3. i can't stop thinking about those kismet tiles... and your terrariums too. congrats. and here's to quick healing!

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