custom terrarium

i made this terrarium for my dear friend allison carter. allison is a poet and writer. she is not only great with words, the lady has such great style. everytime i see the girl she is wearing something lovely in that casual oh this old thing way. i wanted her terrarium to reflect her casual bohemian style and struggled to find the perfect outfit so i went nude. allison could rock that look too. threw in a book and voila it is just like being at one of her poetry readings in the desert - except she is lounging in the nakies... hot.

check out her site here.



  1. wonderful terrarium!

  2. this is so beautiful! i love what you wrote about her too...she sounds so lovely!

  3. thanks for the sweet stuff! @1000dollarwedding - writing about a writer is scary stuff i tell you! xoxo :)