air plants, the solution

i get quite a few emails with folks concerned about the proper lighting for their terrariums. many of which work in an office that has no or little natural light and is limited to fluorescent lights. to those plant desiring light worried friends i say, a tillandsia aka. air plant is the solution!

these lovely plants can lead healthy lives shined on by the lovely light of fluorescent light in your office or home. i would recommend however, considering the fast approaching holidays, that you take your plant land home with you when you are away for long periods of time. but duh! in that time spent at home a lovely lazy day by the window with some bright indirect sun would be just sweet.

in other tillandsia care news. i have found that these lovelies are healthiest when feed rain water. collect it! or perhaps let your plant visit the outdoor showers for a short bit. if you don't have rain water you may leave some water out in a container and use after a few days. or distilled water is good too. however if tap is all you got. so be it. you should be a-ok.

i just got a fresh batch of air plants. so excited to make them homes. the last one is fragrant!

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