birthday love

i am still knee deep in moving mania but i couldn't resist posting this rad photo of my sis and i (i'm the one giving the thumbs up) in our first car. we are california girls after all and every girl needs a car  'round here cuz nobody walks in la! feeling extra goofy today - because its my birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. :)

alright enough bragging about being born! just wanted to shout out an i love you and thanks to my family and friends for making today extra special. i super super love you all so much!

now back to packing. new posts soon!



  1. happy birthday bianca! hope your day has been amazing!!

  2. Feliz Cumpleanos! Thanks for sharing this incredible photo.

  3. Tons of sunny wishes to you! Enjoy your day!

  4. Hah! This picture IS SO California Girl! Happy Happy birthday, hope your day is filled with animal and plant love : )