custom terrarium

the thing i love about making custom terrariums is that there is always a first time. first time making a miniature designer chair, first time making a portrait of someone and in this particular terrarium i am introducing... first time making a hamburger...
yup. thats right i made a hamburger. naturally there it is perched on a mini table, with a patient and empty chair to its side and in classic terri planty humor a lady is lounging on the hunk of food.


the inspiration image from which i had to work from (the person's identity has been blocked to protect their privacy. all you need to know is they like burgers and pools.)


  1. this is amazing! your style is just completely cohesive and lovely from piece to piece...i can't believe how true you are to your aesthetic, you know? probably know.

  2. thank you for the sweet stuff! it really mean so much to me!!!!! :) XOXOXOXOXOXO