a few weeks ago, shortly after unique la i was excited to annouce that terri planty was featured on the la times website... and today i am even more pumped because we were featured in the la times NEWSPAPER! in INK! TODAY! i called my grandmothers right away - they are still learning how to use the internet so to be able to show them my name in the paper - that was a big deal!

thanks to the lovely lisa boone (a wonderful writer and a terri planty favorite) you can find us in the home section of the times. :)

(jumping up and down smiling like a crazy person allll daaaaay long)



  1. CONGRATULATIONS, lady! you are rocking it!

  2. thank you so much to everyone of you. your support and love means the world to me. seriously THE WORLD! i wish we could all go out for margaritas! they would be on me!

  3. dang girl! you're bigtime now. that's huge. congrats!