inspiration nation

arfound this image of allen ruppersberg's studio in hollywood, 1968 on stopping off place. i am kinda freaking out by how beautiful this image is. i just got back from my mojave desert day trip with my dad and hit the gold mine of cool rocks and wood roots. more on that later. but point being that i intend to spread the goods out like so and just admire them for what they are.



  1. amazing...sounds like you had a blast of a day, first of all...second, this is a stunning photo...

  2. This blog is incredible. Thank you for stopping by Fashion Intel and leaving a comment. You've got yourself a new reader!

  3. it was a fund day and thank you!

    @ fashion intel - thank you!! so glad you have joined the family :) i am super excited that i stumbled upon your lovely blog!

  4. OMG! you find some great images (and make some, too)! So happy to have found your blog!